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Buy online with confidence

Apex Ski Boots are the only boots you can buy online with confidence. With the Perfect Fit Guarantee we will help you determine your boot size. Take the guesswork out of shopping for a ski boot and learn how easy it is to fit the Apex Ski Boot System. Just follow the directions below and we’ll walk you through it in minutes.

If the boots you receive do not fit properly (and have not been skied in yet) we will exchange the size at no cost to you. A measuring tool is included with your boots, as are complete instructions and a return shipping label.
Apex boots purchased online are eligible for a full refund for any reason prior to your skiing in them.  If you have skied in them and still are not satisfied please call us to discuss your issues and get them resolved quickly.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

6 Easy Steps to finding your perfect fit.

The Apex boot design offers a vastly simplified fitting process from that of traditional boots. The key to getting a good fit is to be certain of the length of your longest foot. Yes, most people have one foot that is slightly longer than the other, and it’s not always related to whether you are right or left handed as is popularly believed. So, we will start with measuring both of your feet.

NOTE: Trust Us! Base your Apex boot size off your measurement results, NOT your old boot size. If you base your order on your old size it will be too small.  AGAIN, DO NOT DOWNSIZE!

  1. Find a ruler, yardstick or tape measure, preferably with metric units, but either metric or imperial units will work.
  2. Put on a pair of light weight socks you will be skiing in. Yup, only one pair.
  3. Place the ruler against the wall with zero toward the wall.
  4. Stand on the ruler with your heels against the wall and have another individual determine how long your foot is to the longest toe.
  5. Make the same measurement of your other foot.
  6. How long is your longest foot? Measure your longest foot and use the chart below to know your Apex size!

It is possible to do additional fitting between the liner and walking boot if needed, identical to fitting a traditional alpine shell and liner.  We use felt or firm foam padding to make the boot narrower in specific areas or to customize the forward lean.

It is also possible to heat fit the inner liner, but we have found this not to be required by most people. If you wish to mold your liner you may choose one of the following options:

  • Ski in them! Your body heat will mold the liners in a couple hours or less.
  • Put them on at home for 2-3 hours. Walk around, read the paper, eat breakfast, and your boots will be ready to go.
  • Visit a local reputable ski shop. The dealer or service location will heat up the inner liner only, have you put on the liner, walking boot and chassis, and allow the liner to cool for up to 30 minutes.  (This process should not be done at home; it should only be done by a qualified ski boot fitting professional.) If your local shop will not perform this service for you, please call us and we will direct you to a shop that will fit your boots.


Longest Foot Length to Apex Size

Foot Length Inches Foot Length Metric Apex Size
<8 ⅜ 212 22
8 ⅜ - 8 ¾ 212-222 23
8 ¾ - 9 ⅛ 222-232 24
9 ⅛ - 9 ½ 232 - 242 25
9 ½ - 10" 242 - 252 26
10" - 10 ¼ 252 - 262 27
10 ¼ - 10 ⅝ 262 - 272 28
10 ⅝ - 11" 272 - 282 29
11" - 11 ½ 282 - 292 30
11 ½ - 12" 292 - 302 31