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I Ski the mc•2

"So I finally got some slope time with my new Apex MC2 boots. At first I thought there was going to be some adjustment time due to the change from traditional boots to the Apex but I couldn't have been more wrong as I took to them like a duck to water. The boots were very comfortable and my ski stance was more neutral and upright. Coming from traditional ski boots that would seem like a bad thing to be more upright and in a neutral position but to my amazement it was perfect. I felt way more relaxed and in control and had less strain on my thighs and knees. The boots felt just as stiff as my old Nordicas. I have my Apex set with the 130 flex and might even change it down some at some point just to test it out. I had many people curious about the boots and most seem very receptive to them especially the skiers. Not one skier balked at the price of the boots as they all realize that normal ski boots can cost just as much once you factor all the special treatment most of them need. I skied for about 3 hours straight none stop on pretty much hard pack snow as we have not gotten good snow fall yet and my feet never started to hurt or get cold and the weather one that day was very cold. In my old boots I would have been freezing and miserable by that time. As I get more time in the boots I think they are just going to get better and better and I am really looking forward to getting a good powder day in them. I will let you know more then. For the purpose of this review unlike the ones you will read online I am the average skier. I consider myself and expert skier not because I am super good or close to Olympic ability but because I can keep up with most and will ski just about anything. Some would say more stupid than good but hey I have fun. I ride Vokl AC50s in 178 and a pair of Rossignol S7 in 188. I couldn't be more happy with my new Apex MC2s and don't even consider the price to be an issue when it comes to the comfort and warmth of my feet. The ability to walk around the lodge easy is also a giant plus. Till I have a more in depth and productive day on the mountain. Thanks. -- Andrew Cornett "

Performance: The Best, Fit: The Best, Warmth: The Best, Comfort The Best

Overall Experience: The Best

Andrew Cornett IT

I Ski the mc•2

"I have spent four days on my new MC-2's and they have performed great. They have handled the hard early season Midwest conditions with precision, and on a rare December powder day you couldn't ask for anything better. I am totally satisfied."

Performance: The Best, Fit: The Best, Warmth: Great, Comfort The Best

Overall Experience: The Best

John Thompson Retired(vol. ski patrol)

I Ski the mc•2

"I needed a new pair of boots and decided to take the plunge and go with Apex after talking to a trusted boot fitter. Let's face it, these things aren't cheap, so they had better be good. And they are. After skiing on them for two days all I can say is WOW ! These are the best boots I have ever used in over 35 years of skiing. I don't think they are any warmer than some other boots I've owned, I still need to use boot heaters, but they are far more comfortable. The dual BOA closure gives near perfect fit everywhere and, as a result, I can ski comfortably with them tighter than with my old boots, and that translates into greater control. Easy going or full gas I feel comfortable and in complete control, with the best edge feel I've ever experienced. And at the end of the day my feet felt fine, with none of the shin rub or sore spots I often had with my old boots. Material quality looks first rate, and the design and features are very well thought out. I've already told several people how great these boots are. I can hardly wait for my next ski trip so. "

Performance: The Best, Fit: The Best, Warmth: Good, Comfort The Best

Overall Experience: The Best

John Retired Engineer

I Ski the mc•1

"I spent a week at Okemo in Vermont skiing the MC-X. I bought them immediately. By far the most comfortable boot I've ever worn. It is so nice to remove the exoskeleton and walk around like you're wearing slippers! This week is the first time in my life I experienced exactly zero pain in my instep while on the lifts. Remarkable. Great control. No loss of rigidity as compared to a traditional plug boot. Simply Amazing!"

Performance: Great, Fit: The Best, Warmth: The Best, Comfort The Best

Overall Experience: The Best

Philip Minotti Physician

I Ski the mc•1

"I've skied since I was 4 years old, as a teenage racer, my feet started getting difficult to fit into a boot and every day skiing was spent in agony. For 15 more years I bought quite a few pairs of custom boots from some of the best boot fitters around I finally gave up. 3 days of skiing in the past 5 years and they were spent in agony. Giant 6th toe, high arch, very high instep courtesy of a large protruding bone, long wide big toe, enormous calves... Pain everywhere. Seeing these was a revelation. I purchased them a size longer than normal, added a super feet insole, basically finding the comfort of of a stiff pair of pack boots. I was pretty concerned by how much room i had in the boot around my toes (read comfort) and some discomfort when i clamped to lower strap down too tight. A quick call to the folks at Apex set me straight on the strap, and set my mind at ease on the issue of too much comfort. I just spent two days breaking them in. was completely prepared for a loss in performance but didn't experience any. They handled really well in crud, hard edging, some moguls, and a brief bit of powder. But what blew my mind was the fact that I just spent two days in 12 degree weather with warm feet, and absolutely ZERO pain! It is the first time in 20 years I have had that experience. I was sure that I was done wi the sport and my kids would have to learn to ski with someone else. Thank you Apex, for getting me back on the slopes."

Performance: The Best, Fit: Great, Warmth: The Best, Comfort Great

Overall Experience: The Best

Matt Engineer/marketing

I Ski the cf•3

"Just thought I would let you know how the boots have gone. The boot fitter seemed rather skeptical, talking about large volume etc…..but…..well…..In 30 years skiing I have never had boots like these. The comfort is one thing, firm but no problems in them all day (did 8 hours yesterday). The ease of getting them on and off, and of being able to walk around is great.....But the feel/feedback and response when skiing are simply awesome. I finally understand what people mean about skiing with your feet and feeling the skis. I have never skied so well and had such confidence on double black runs. They're a bloody ripper!! "

Overall Experience: The Best

Andrew F Skier Down Under

"My Apex boots that I purchased at Dekdebrun's Ski Shop in Ellicottville, NY were WONDERFUL!  From frozen hard pack in the mornings, to slush in the afternoon, to fresh 6" snow, to packed powder they WORKED!  I didn't give up any control in my aggressive style of skiing by making the Apex Choice.  My feet, ankles, and shins felt great after a day of hard carving and it was fantastic to sit around and have a beer at the end of the day without unbuckling or taking off my ski boots.  They are great to walk around in compared to typical ski boots.  ..... My compliments to the team at Apex for a great product."

Jim K. Aggressive Eastern Skier

"I have been out of the country and just got a chance to use the Apex Boots....for the first time this week.  Fantastic!, truly fantastic.  This is the first time in 40 years that I have skied in total comfort.  I am not a "Ski Racer" anymore, but I was screaming down the mountain in complete control and not a pain to speak of like with many boots I have had over the years.  With my high instep and wide foot it was truly the best skiing I can remember.  I will definitely promote the heck out of these for you."

Colorado skiier Former Racer

"OK. So I admit I was a little skeptical at first, but I just spent four days skiing hard on my  Apex boots and I'm completely blown away. Obviously the fit is good, almost too good, but the performance is what amazed me.  Way powerful and super quick.  It took a couple of runs to get use to feeling "loose", but once I found how the ski felt under foot they skied stronger than my Lange WC's.  They absolutely ripped everything and the edge hold was amazing.  I am completely sold and will not go back to a traditional race boot."

Scott B. 33 yr. Winter Sports Industry Marketer

"Denny Hanson hand made the boots that I used to win the Gold Medal in the World Championships, now he makes the boots I use for “Powder Research” as Director of Skiing at Steamboat. I still need the performance, precision and control, but now I want to be comfortable….. all day long. "

Billy Kidd Olympic Silver Medalist