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The Apex Ski Boot System is the brainchild of longtime ski industry veteran Denny Hanson. Denny’s life-long passion for skiing stems from his years as a ski racer, eventually launching his career in innovative boot design and production. Denny & his brother Chris invented the rear-entry ski boot and founded Hanson Ski Boots.  Denny has a proven ability to introduce new products into a very traditional industry.
Denny grew up in a ski family in Michigan, and began racing as a youth in the best gear of the day: leather ski boots.  He says that “his first skis didn’t even have metal edges”.  Then - as now - ski boots were cold and uncomfortable and very difficult to tolerate. Denny and his brother decided they could make a better boot, and as new plastic materials were developed they continued to build and test their own designs. 

In 1970 the Hanson Ski Boot was born. Configured as a rear entry boot rather than a four-buckle overlap boot that all of their competitors produced, Hanson soon became a dominant player in the ski industry. The innovative design made Hanson Ski Boots more comfortable, easy to get into, and lightweight. Other manufacturers took note and soon every one of them had a rear-entry boot somewhere in their line.
Hanson boots saw great success on the World Pro Tour, with Hank Kashiwa winning the tour championship on Hanson boots in 1975.  Later in the 70’s and early 80’s a number of skiers were racing and winning on Hanson boots on the various pro racing circuits around the world. During this time Hanson boots were very visible on the feet of many freestyle skiers, from aerialists to ballet-skiers, and of course in mogul competitions.
Hanson Ski Boots continue to be the standard by which any innovative new ski boot is compared.  Since the early 1980’s and into the 90’s Denny has continued to innovate within the sports industry and medical fields, and now has come full circle with the launch of Apex Ski Boots in 2008.  This year Apex has introduced another radical new concept, the “Modular Chassis” which has many unique features and will carry Apex to the next level.